Saturday, December 12, 2020

ENOVEN E-SERIES 7-9 Yard Dump Bodies


ODY: 10’ Long, 7.9 to 9.7 cubic yard capacity; 36” tall sides with 44” tall tailgate, 100% continuous welded

FRONT END: 36” tall 3/16” hi-tensile steel with 1” horizontal “V” brace, 20” cab protector, and 7ga hi-tensile steel full depth front corner pillars

SIDES: 36” tall 10 gauge hi-tensile steel outer panel with 3/16” hi-tensile steel inner panel. 6” sloping boxed top rail, 6” deep sloping bottom rail, 2” cheater board pockets, (2) horizontal “V” braces

TAILGATE: 44” tall 10 gauge hi-tensile steel outer panel with 3/16” hi-tensile steel inner panel. Dirt shedding top with the standard 2-way operation, (2) horizontal “V” braces, 3/8” drop and spreader chains, 11” X 19” patch gate, and 8” bolt-on spreader apron

TAILGATE HARDWARE: Over center locking hardware with a manual handle at the left front of the body

FLOOR: ¼” one-piece hi-tensile steel with radius from side to floor

UNDERSTRUCTURE8” tall structural channel long sills, crossmemberless design

LIGHT SYSTEM: 6” Oval LED recessed grommet mounted S/T/T lamp in rear posts with 3/4” LED rear clearance and 2.5” LED rear side marker lamps. Three lamp ID bar above the hitch plate

PAINT: Sandblasted, prepped, and cleaned. Primer painted with high impact resistant urethane light gray primer with a top coat of single-stage urethane paint

HOIST: Champion underbody, sub-frame mounted hoist. NTEA Class 60 rated at 22.1 tons with a 50-degree dump angle. Single body pro

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Thursday, December 10, 2020

SaltDogg® PRO1500 Salt Spreader Product Overview - Available Now for 3/4-Ton+ Pickups

The SaltDogg PRO Series of Salt Spreaders is designed for heavy-duty commercial use. With a full-length auger or pintle chain feed and high power driveline and spinner motors, the PRO can provide a consistent, high-speed flow with a wide variety of deicing materials. If you're a contractor who regularly tackles demanding jobs with a wide array of materials (salt, sand, chemical deicers, pre-treated materials, etc.), the PRO Series of salt spreaders are designed for you. 

The ALL NEW SaltDogg PRO1500 brings that power into a form factor designed for 3/4 ton+ pickup trucks. If your fleet includes trucks like the Ford® F-250 and F-350, RAM® 2500 and 3500, or Chevy® Silverado 2500 and 3500, the PRO1500 just might be the best spreader for your pickup.

Features of the PRO1500 include:
- Full length 5-1/4 in. auger or 12 in. pintle chain conveyor driveline can spread a wide variety of material and a smooth, consistent rate
- High power independent motors for the driveline and spinner
- 1.5 cubic yd capacity
- Patented double-wall poly hopper that will never rust
- Includes everything you need to get to work: top screen, fitted tarp, remote auger grease bearing kit, and tie-downs

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Rugby Electric Tailgate Release

Tired of your manual tailgate release? Looking for a new way of doing things? Rugby can help! Learn more about our new Electric Tailgate Release which can open and close the lower tailgate latches with the push of a button.

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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Wide Variety Of Landscape Dump Bodies by Enoven


Enoven Work Platform – “Landscape Dump Bodies"

Available: 9′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′

Includes removable or fixed sides and Barn doors in the rear.

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Friday, December 4, 2020

Debris Dump Body with Grapple Makes Cleanout Easy

AJ with Enoven Truck Body shows off a unique Grapple Debris Dump Truck that can clear and haul debris, garbage, or any items that need to be cleared or removed.  It also features a lower hopper for loading from the ground by operators or workers.  See more about Enoven Truck Bodies at